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Development, building the core business of a modern company.

With CloudJunction you have a good starting point for focusing on your business needs.


Traditional operations is costly, does not scale well and is dificult, and operations just have to work.

With managed Cloud Operations services we will get you started.


Companies & organizations that wants to increase their security, availability and Internet service delivery as well as protecting their internal assets. We can help out with assessments, real advice services that are designed for just that.


Its important to choose the right infrastructure partner for specific application need. Molndrift have wide knowledge and partnership with many of the cloud providers.

Who We Are

Molndrift is Swedish for “Cloud operations” and our customers have SaaS offerings or ideas that they want to utilize with the true potential of the cloud. We help them by delivering highly available, secure and scalable solutions built for tomorrows users.​

Molndrifts experience of cloud infrastructure, operations, full stack development, security, providers, sourcing, legal and several other areas enables us to deliver tailored cloud-based applications and platforms with CloudJunction.

The SaaS development platform CloudJunction provides a flexible, scalable, secure and cost-effective way forward with online services. Business and technical developers gain a head start in their next project with prebuilt models and modules for handling users, organizations, sites, roles, attributes, categories and notification services like e-mail and SMS.


Akamaizing - Increase Internet service delivery and lower stress levels on production environments while topping up application security and DDoS mitigation scenarios. We help out to enforce a Zero Trust security architecture that decreases the threat from malicious users and traffic from inside and outside your organization perimeter defences.​

When systems are developed and released, operation departments are required to maintain the environment for many years to come with basic knowledge on what it does and how it is built. Molndrifts managed cloud operations help you to manage your CloudJunction based systems or other peripheral systems. 

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